The Kooikers From Holunderkamp

The desire to have an own dog began quite early with the thought of gaining a bit more health and stamina. It’s common knowledge that a dog gives more movement in the normal every-day life and, of course, more joy. But which breed would be the best for you? This question is not an easy one and everyone needs to answer it personally. And for me it was love at first sight with the Neatherlands Kooikerhondje.



I noticed the beautiful fox-brown and soft fur In combination. On top of that their quite “handy” size – with around 40+/- centimeters you don’t need to worry about the space in your bed (even though it’s forbidden area of course ;-) ) Once this breed got my attention, I was very interested in finding out more about them. And here our first journey and contact with Breeder exhibitions and breeders; here I got the opportunity to get a look of this extraordinary breed “in nature” – and my excitement about this sort of animal grew.



The “Nederlandse Kooikerhondje” is a very old and traditional breed from the Neatherlands.. In 1942, during the second world war, Duchess van Hardenbroek van Ammerstol to bring the breed back to life. She gave a picture of said dog to a Hawker and asked him to please keep an eye out for the breed. Since 1971 the Kooikerhondje is an official breed again. Once of the most important tasks of the Hondje is primarily to bait ducks in a Koi with its joyful dancing tail. Here is to mention that the Hondje purely baits the ducks and not hunts.



The Kooikerhondje owns a quite strong-headed and independent mind. A strict hand when raising a puppy is advised, because even if the Hondje looks very cute, he is a quite confident “Toy” with an own head.



Now the breed was decided and a life on the waiting list started for me. For such a rare breed you got to bring a lot of patience and stamina. Because the search for a right breeder in your area and a just fitting litter is tough. But now, around 5 years later, my family and I are of course very satisfied and happy, that we invested all the time and effort, because then our first Kooiker Fidel made its pawsteps into our house.



How our life has changed since then? Well, for a family who has lived together with cats for at least 12 years was the experience, that the new baby now barked instead meouwed quite big – when also incredible exciting. Sooner and sooner we gained the right “equipment”, means Leashes and Toys. And new  family member got accustomed to all of our two- just as four-legged family members quite quickly.