My Story



The topic of Dieting has interested me ever since I can think. During my education to a “Biologic technical Assistant”, the science of dieting has already been a constant topic for me. Through my Biological Studies I gained a very deep and scientific base concerning this topic. Because of that I was even able to take over the dieting classes during my time as a teacher.



My interest grew even more as the topic “vollwerterähnrung” gained more attention in public. Even until now it’s interesting to follow the various studies and how every new one can confirm that this kind of diet plays a heavy factor when living healthy. “Basic” dieting has already been the case for a healthy living style since over 25 years ago. I could gain personal experience of this while raising my own children.



Even then, I was under the impression that industrial food would be the best kind of food for my dogs. Better, at least, than I could ever do it myself. My personal reversion concerning that thought happened as I watched several dogs on a farm during a short holiday in Bavarian. What sorts of food stood on their menu? Leftovers, bones and so on. And yet in all those years they never needed to see a vet, didn’t suffer from allergies, had no incompatibilities. Exactly like that has been the Diet concerning pets for many years during the old DDR. And what has been the food that cats ate with a passion? Mice and, sadly, sometimes even birds! Less excitement could be seen whenever they were given some industrial dry food.



Our “Grand Dame” Minki (Home cat, 17 Years) has suffered from “suvrietsteine” since a very young age. And as she was five she was fed the “fitting” industrial food that has been specifally produced for her disease – everything going hand in hand with a deep entrustment to our vet, who even advised us that this would be the right thing to do. At the same time I noticed that I needed to pay the vet more and more frequent visits, with my cat AND dogs and also took note of how the waiting rooms have been quite packed. Were the pets perhaps similar to us humans? Human scientist judge the development of diseases 90%ly concerning a personal diet.



6 years ago sadly Minki’s condition got more severe and a while later we got the diagnosis that she was suffering from CNI. And another industrial food again! She was being fed with it until her condition got so bad that we were fearing losing her too early. Also our new cats were quickly having visible kidney problems.


Back then I decided to use my knowledge about “human food” and apply it on the diet of our pets, looking for possibilities to even further expend my skills with scientifical literature and different seminars. Avoiding the topic BARF isn’t possible with that kind of context. Here of course exists a great variety of different styles and some opinions and viewpoints get discussed rather controversially. At this point, it is and always has been important for me to proof every point of view, especially if they can hold up to a scientifical proofment.